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Sunday Soy Candle Co. –  – Lightening Your Journey and Helping You Spark Conversations

Ever lit a candle that has the power to create new and lovely memories? We are sure, you haven’t. So without searching for such candles, why not check Sunday Soy Candle and give that bit of comfort to your soul?

Soy Candle, founded by two sisters, Brittany and Kristen, is a company based out of Vancouver, that puts forward delicious-smelling wax-based candles. Its goal is to generate enticing smells that elicit conversations. Each soy candle is handmade and produced with veggie soy wax for tidy and clean heartburn that is also eco-friendly. These candles have the capacity to create fresh memories, whether people are drinking a matcha latte or a boba.

A Vancouver-based candle company, Soy Candle, offers wax-based candles that smell delicious. Its aim is to create alluring fragrances that spark conversation. Each soy candle is exclusively handcrafted and is made from vegetable soy wax for a neat and clean as well as eco-friendly heartburn. Whether people are sipping on a matcha latte or a boba, these candles have the power to spark new memories.

Two sisters, Brittany and Kristen, were motivated to craft candles with the flavours of Asian fragrances after noticing a shortage of them in the market. Both the sisters have created candles that resemble some of their most-liked Asian desserts. Their popular products include Matcha Latte, Boba, and Mango Pudding.

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