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BAIN – Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bags!

Tired of using the same old bag and want a change from the typical-looking bags? Look no further than BAIN, crafting bags regardless of gender to level up the fashion game.

BAIN bags, founded by Linsey Mariam Bain, are made in small batches with textiles purchased from Canadian sources and include organic and overstock materials. BAIn bags are bold, basic, and elegant, making them ideal for carrying anyplace. The collection range was designed to fit the modern lifestyle, making it the perfect fashion statement for corporates and party animals.

BAIN bags are produced in small batches from fabrics sourced from suppliers in Canada and contain overstock and organic materials. BAIN bags, being bold, minimal, and sleek, are highly versatile enough to carry anywhere. The collection line was crafted to suit the contemporary lifestyle: corporate by day and party-animal by night. However, these bags represent more than just aesthetics. Organic fabrics and Oeko-Tex certified cotton are put to use in order to curb the need for pesticides. Raw materials such as Nappa leather are being sourced from surplus stocks at a local tannery. Every link in the supply chain is tracked and adjusted to curb waste and carbon footprint.

With more than a decade of experience making bags for a number of mass-market brands, Linsey Mariam Bain, a Montreal-based creative, decided to go her own way forward with the creation of BAIN in 2019. While working as an accessory designer, she learned a lot, travelled to factories in order to gain insight into customer expectations, and she has beautifully channelled this knowledge into the launch of unisex pieces that cater to all unique needs.

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