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Yute- Empowering the Youth of Today Through Apparels

Do you know there’s a platform that’s exclusively created for youth and that too, by the youth in order to generate opportunities and inspiration for the younger generation of today? If not, then you can’t miss Yute.

Yute is a dynamic platform for youth founded by Christina Cheng and her son, Elijah Cheng-Harbans, that creates chances and inspiration for the next generation. Their mission is to enable young people to create innovative experiences that will allow them to affect their communities while also developing a brand that wonderfully reflects their culture, preferences, beliefs, and stories. Yute is a company that creates future-proof essentials, with a portion of the revenues going to youth-oriented events, organizations, programs, and projects.

Founded by Christina Cheng and her son, Elijah Cheng-Harbans, YUTE is a robust platform for youth, creating opportunities and inspiration for the young generation. Their goal is to empower young people in order to build revolutionary experiences where they can influence their communities while creating a brand that beautifully reflects their culture, tastes, values and stories. As a brand, Yute crafts long-lasting essentials, with a part of the proceeds being invested in youth-focused events or programs, organizations, and initiatives. 

YUTE isn’t just an apparel brand, their ideology is deeply rooted and motivated by philanthropy. They are also a creative agency making sure they seize opportunities and assist youngsters in a playful way, giving them the tools and watching them create magic.

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