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Fern & Petal – Taking the Exhaustion out of Your Body

Why not ditch those strongly scented artificial perfumes and start using something that’s made from nature, helping you unwind after a tiring and exhausting day? If you are looking forward to it, there’s no one better than the range of products from Fern & Petal.

Katie Derrick founded Fern & Petal after a long search for all-natural, high-quality, and locally-created items. It is a family-run small business that values quality above all else, which is why each product is created and bottled on-site in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their handcrafted bathing products are intended to ease stress and anxiety, allowing individuals to soothe their skin and rest after a long day.

Fern & Petal, launched by Katie Derrick, was born from the difficult search for all-natural, top-notch products that were locally made. Fern & Petal is a family-run small business that prioritizes quality over anything, and that is why every product is handcrafted and bottled on-site in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have two sets of goals:

1) to assist their customers to feel safe and protected knowing their products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and are all-natural; 

2) to help make this world a better place for human beings through sustainability as well as plant a tree with every order they receive

Fern & Petal’s handcrafted bathing products are designed to relieve stress and tension, helping people soothe their skin and relax after a tiring day. Their essential oils are available in a range of calming scents like clove, cedarwood, lemongrass, Indian sandalwood, tea tree, tangerine, etc. Some essential oils are packed on roll-on tubes, making them a nice alternative to strongly-scented perfumes.

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