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Proudest Pony – A Boon for Your Hair!

Love your hair? Definitely, you do! So why not give your hair a treat by applying the Proudest Pony Shampoo and conditioner bars that are free of chemicals and made with high-quality ingredients?

Today’s UPS small business of the day is Proudest Pony.

Proudest Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, launched in May 2021, embrace natural oils that cleanse and moisturize hair while leaving it buttery soft to the touch. The line includes five formulas ($28-$30), each exclusively designed for diverse hair needs, and all are free from plastics, SLS, and parabens. They are professionally formulated in a Canadian laboratory with botanical ingredients, making Proudest Pony a better-for-the-planet product.

The Proudest Pony and Shampoo Bars, founded by Ashley Brewsmith in May 2021, are infused with natural oils that wash and hydrate your hair while leaving it smooth and silky. The collection consists of five formulations, each specifically created for different hair requirements, and are free of harsh chemicals like SLS, parabens, and plastics. Proudest Pony is a better-for-the-planet product since it is professionally made in a Canadian laboratory with botanical ingredients.

Ashley Brewsmith is the woman behind Proudest Pony. She started this when she found out one morning while showering that everything is made out of plastics, and the products in them are filled with chemicals. So she decided to create chemical-free shampoos and conditioner bars so that people can keep their hair clean, soft, and beautiful. Thus, Proudest Pony was born, delivering professional quality hair care products.

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