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Wabanaki Maple – A Beauty of the Wild!

Ever tasted a syrup that gave you a delicious taste, relieving you from all the day’s stress, ultimately transporting you to a place where peace exists? If not, then you definitely need to try the syrup products by Wabanaki Maple to get the exact same feeling as stated.

Wabanaki Maple is a 100 percent Indigenous women-led enterprise that was founded in 2018 in Tobique First Nation by Jolene Laskey. Their premium maple syrup is distinguished by a moderate maturing procedure and three distinct flavours: whiskey, toasted oak, and bourbon resulting in consistent, high-quality tastes that are then hand-bottled and packed at their facilities.

Wabanaki Maple, launched in the year 2018 in Tobique First Nation, is a 100 percent Indigenous women-led business. Jolene Laskey is the creative behind this brand. Their first-class maple syrup is characterized by a gentle maturation process and the three characteristic flavors of whiskey, toasted oak, and bourbon. 

Wabanaki Maple ages and totally transforms raw maple syrup in previously poured spirit casks and naturally toasted oak casks – a long process that sometimes takes several months. This accomplishes consistent and high-quality flavors, which are then hand-bottled and packaged at their facility.

In 2018, Jolene Laskey, inspired by her very own Wolastoqey roots, started her journey as an entrepreneur, reconnecting and sharing with community and people with a portion of Indigenous culture via products of Wabanaki Maple syrup. 

Since people of the Wabanaki Confederacy (Wolastoqey, Penobscot, Mikmaq, Passamaquody, and Abenaki) have wholeheartedly harvested the sugar maple tree’s sap for centuries, Laskey carries on the culture with an exceptional twist by offering signature flavors of cask-aged whiskey, toasted oak maple, and bourbon maple syrup. She is dedicated to protecting the environment and assisting indigenous communities in order to thrive efficiently. 

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