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Makeup for Melanin Girls – For Melanin Beauties. By Melanin Beauties.

Beauty sees no boundaries, be it for white-skinned people or women of color. But if you are a woman of color headhunting for products that beautifully suits your skin needs, there’s an exclusive line of products for you crafted by Makeup for Melanin Girls, empowering the WOC community at their core.

Today’s UPS small business of the day is Makeup for Melanin Girls.

MFMG (Makeup for Melanin Girls) is a destination for over lakhs of women looking to discuss makeup tutorials and hacks for colourism in the beauty industry to the best nude lipstick for dark-toned beauties. 

Tomi Gbeleyi, the brain behind this indie cosmetic line, Makeup for Melanin Girls, is a boon to millions of ladies who want to talk about anything from hacks for colourism in the beauty sector to makeup tutorials, as well as the finest nude lipstick for women with dark-tone. MFMG evolved from a simple hashtag to social media channels and, eventually, a separate cosmetic company that currently sells eyeshadows and lipsticks for women of color.

It started off in 2016 when Tomi was studying in college. It grew from a regular hashtag to numerous social media platforms, and ultimately a standalone beauty line that now sells lipsticks and eyeshadows for WOC. By launching Makeup for Melanin Girls, Tomi was able to eliminate the frustration of lakhs of melanin girls.

For more information regarding their business, you can visit their website: 

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