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Real Talk Candles – The Ultimate Source for Initiating a Conversation!

Ever heard of candles that have the power to initiate thought-provoking conversations? Definitely, you didn’t, right? Then you should really check Real Talk Candles since they create candles for all of your moods.

Real Talk Candles, launched by Rachel Lea Richards, creates candles that are hand-poured, vegan, and free of artificial colours. The essential thing that matters is what is printed on the box or label of the candle. These descriptions range from heartwarming to humorous and are solely intended to initiate a conversation.

All Real Talk Candles are vegan, hand-poured, artificial coloring-free and are hugely available in an array of scents. The main thing that really counts is on the label or packaging. Exclusively built to make a statement and initiate a conversation, these descriptions sweep from heartwarming to hilarious.

Self-proclaimed as Artsy Fartsy Toronto Girl, Rachel-Lea Rickards, has a creative brain that never really shuts down. A published author and playwright, having a background in business training and leadership, she is out-and-out a lady with all the qualities that are needed to make someone stand out from the crowd. All of these experiences have helped her with her business, Real Talk Candles. 

But, the flame that set her on her journey of entrepreneurship was basically a traumatic incident. She was randomly punched in the face by a stranger while she was waiting for an Uber. Candle-making helped Rickards to deal with the anxiety that caused, and when she added her top-notch writing skills to create comical scent descriptions, the hobby soon turned into a business and seamlessly took off.

For more information regarding their business, you can also visit their website: 

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