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Welcome to the UPS Businesswoman of the Day Campaign powered by CanadianSME, a premier and the most reliable platform for small and medium-sized enterprises across Canada. The prime purpose of this campaign is to showcase rising businesswomen or female entrepreneurs with special attention to growth and innovation to achieve the outcomes you feel you are capable of. 

"You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive."

Sheryl Sandberg

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UPS Businesswoman of the Day Campaign

UPS Businesswoman of the Day Campaign aims to support women entrepreneurs since it is one of the most powerful weapons for reviving growth and generating revolutionary economic impact. 

Through this campaign, CanadianSME, in association with our title sponsor UPS Canada will raise awareness by highlighting one woman entrepreneur each day as “UPS Businesswoman of the Day” through a two-minute video about her business and sharing it on CanadianSME social media channels.

CanadianSME team will also publish a feature article each day for “UPS Businesswoman of the Day” on website and share it on social media channels. Since we believe it is a terrific way to assist them in bringing in new clients. We use our influence to help these women entrepreneurs and their brands. It’s a method to spread the idea that businesswomen are vital and require assistance. The awareness we create through our platform and social media channels has the potential to bring more customers to a business that you would not have heard about otherwise.

UPS businesswoman of the day

Why Supporting Women Entrepreneurs More Important Than Ever?

According to research, communities benefit when women-led businesses prosper. As a result, the country's GDP rises, benefitting the global economy. Conversely, individuals, communities, countries, and the global economy lose potential economic rewards when women's entrepreneurship is constrained or restricted.

But, women-led businesses remain in the minority across Canada. The challenges that women who have taken the entrepreneurial route are extensive and sometimes different from those encountered by their male counterparts. This makes it incredibly difficult and lonely for female entrepreneurs to flourish and prosper in starting and growing a business in Canada.

The struggles are manifold, whether they promote their business on the global market, inability to build a robust network or lack of funding. Thus, the Government of Canada is furthering women’s economic empowerment through the first-ever WES (Women Entrepreneurship Strategy), an over $6 billion investment aimed at increasing women-led businesses’ access to networks, funding, experience, and talent needed to start, scale, and enter new markets.


How does CanadianSME Understands and Promotes Women Entrepreneurs in association with UPS Canada?

CanadianSME understands the challenges businesswomen or female entrepreneurs face when making their businesses grow. Thus, in association with UPS, we have committed to assisting women entrepreneurs across Canada in helping them promote their businesses in the digital space.

We want to help women in business on their path and feel we are well-positioned to do so. We understand the assistance and guidance required to take the significant step of promoting a business and its services since we work with small businesses across Canada every day.

So, with the help of our platform and leading social media channels, we will promote one woman entrepreneur each day to gain that extra "eyeballs."

Small Business Canada

How UPS Canada is Supporting Canadian Small Businesses?

UPS believes that your small business is anything but small, and it's one of the most important and challenging things that you have ever done. That is why UPS makes shipping as simple as possible by providing a user-friendly website, accessible drop-off locations, and competitive pricing. In addition, the UPS ambassadors are always available to assist. 

UPS provides small business owners with options to save time and money whether you are shipping locally, internationally, or across Canada. UPS is always present to help you make the most of your time, whether you are just starting out or well established. Their tools and skills assist small businesses in streamlining processes, improving the overall customer experience, and navigating the route to international growth.

Apply now to be featured as UPS Businesswoman of the Day

With UPS support, our goal through this initiative is to not only promote Canadian women entrepreneurs so that they can get more visibility but also hopefully gain the attention of potential customers who will be able to purchase their products and services and help small businesses out during these challenging times.

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