Businesswoman of the Day

Welcome to the Businesswoman of the Day Campaign powered by CanadianSME, a premier and the most reliable platform for small and medium-sized enterprises across Canada. The prime purpose of this campaign is to showcase rising businesswomen or female entrepreneurs with special attention to growth and innovation to achieve the outcomes you feel you are capable of. 

"You will be defined not just by what you achieve, but by how you survive."

Sheryl Sandberg


Laura Williams

Managing Partner - Williams HR Law

Priya Chopra

President & Founder - 1Milk2Sugars

Fatima Zaidi

CEO and Founder of Quill Inc.

Stephanie O'Brien

President of Carmella Marketing

Tammy Phan

CEO, Luxe Du Jour

Margarita Simkin

Founder, INKAS® Group of Companies

Stephanie O'Brien

President of Carmella Marketing

Olivia Canlas

Co-Founder & CEO at meowbox

Adrianne Fekete

Owner, Star Quality Enterprises Inc.