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Proudest Pony – A Boon for Your Hair!

Love your hair? Definitely, you do! So why not give your hair a treat by applying the Proudest Pony Shampoo and conditioner bars that are free of chemicals and made with high-quality ingredients?

Today’s UPS small business of the day is Proudest Pony.

Proudest Pony Shampoo and Conditioner Bars, launched in May 2021, embrace natural oils that cleanse and moisturize hair while leaving it buttery soft to the touch. The line includes five formulas ($28-$30), each exclusively designed for diverse hair needs, and all are free from plastics, SLS, and parabens. They are professionally formulated in a Canadian laboratory with botanical ingredients, making Proudest Pony a better-for-the-planet product.

The Proudest Pony and Shampoo Bars, founded by Ashley Brewsmith in May 2021, are infused with natural oils that wash and hydrate your hair while leaving it smooth and silky. The collection consists of five formulations, each specifically created for different hair requirements, and are free of harsh chemicals like SLS, parabens, and plastics. Proudest Pony is a better-for-the-planet product since it is professionally made in a Canadian laboratory with botanical ingredients.

Ashley Brewsmith is the woman behind Proudest Pony. She started this when she found out one morning while showering that everything is made out of plastics, and the products in them are filled with chemicals. So she decided to create chemical-free shampoos and conditioner bars so that people can keep their hair clean, soft, and beautiful. Thus, Proudest Pony was born, delivering professional quality hair care products.

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Makeup for Melanin Girls – For Melanin Beauties. By Melanin Beauties.

Beauty sees no boundaries, be it for white-skinned people or women of color. But if you are a woman of color headhunting for products that beautifully suits your skin needs, there’s an exclusive line of products for you crafted by Makeup for Melanin Girls, empowering the WOC community at their core.

Today’s UPS small business of the day is Makeup for Melanin Girls.

MFMG (Makeup for Melanin Girls) is a destination for over lakhs of women looking to discuss makeup tutorials and hacks for colourism in the beauty industry to the best nude lipstick for dark-toned beauties. 

Tomi Gbeleyi, the brain behind this indie cosmetic line, Makeup for Melanin Girls, is a boon to millions of ladies who want to talk about anything from hacks for colourism in the beauty sector to makeup tutorials, as well as the finest nude lipstick for women with dark-tone. MFMG evolved from a simple hashtag to social media channels and, eventually, a separate cosmetic company that currently sells eyeshadows and lipsticks for women of color.

It started off in 2016 when Tomi was studying in college. It grew from a regular hashtag to numerous social media platforms, and ultimately a standalone beauty line that now sells lipsticks and eyeshadows for WOC. By launching Makeup for Melanin Girls, Tomi was able to eliminate the frustration of lakhs of melanin girls.

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Makeway – Taking Your Street Game to the Next Level!

Do you know there are streetwear and sneakers exclusively designed for women that can help express their inner creativity and individuality? If you are on the hunt for a good pair of sneakers or eye-catching streetwear, look no further than Makeway, Canada’s first independent sneaker haven for women, by women.

Today’s UPS small business of the day is Makeway.

Makeway is North America’s standalone women’s sneaker shop. Abby Albino and Shelby Weaver are the faces behind this exclusive sneaker boutique. Makeway strives to bring justice to the sneaker industry and make room in the sneaker culture for the female population as well as the members of the LGBTQ2s+ community.

Makeway stocks big brands such as Nike, Jordan, Reebok, UGC, Converse, and Puma, along with a range of local accessory brands, most of which are owned by women of colour. Launched in Toronto two years back, the store has become an institution already in the Canadian streetwear scene, as well as a community space where like-minded women can connect and dream big.

Makeway, founded by Abby Albino and Shelby Weaver, is the only women’s shoe store in North America. The premium sneaker boutique aspires to bring justice to the sneaker business and to make a place in the streetwear culture for women as well as the members of the LGBTQ2s+ community. The boutique, which opened two years ago in Toronto, has already established itself as an institution in the Canadian streetwear scene.

Makeway, in short, is an inclusive space for anyone who is fond of streetwear.

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Sunday Soy Candle Co. –  – Lightening Your Journey and Helping You Spark Conversations

Ever lit a candle that has the power to create new and lovely memories? We are sure, you haven’t. So without searching for such candles, why not check Sunday Soy Candle and give that bit of comfort to your soul?

Soy Candle, founded by two sisters, Brittany and Kristen, is a company based out of Vancouver, that puts forward delicious-smelling wax-based candles. Its goal is to generate enticing smells that elicit conversations. Each soy candle is handmade and produced with veggie soy wax for tidy and clean heartburn that is also eco-friendly. These candles have the capacity to create fresh memories, whether people are drinking a matcha latte or a boba.

A Vancouver-based candle company, Soy Candle, offers wax-based candles that smell delicious. Its aim is to create alluring fragrances that spark conversation. Each soy candle is exclusively handcrafted and is made from vegetable soy wax for a neat and clean as well as eco-friendly heartburn. Whether people are sipping on a matcha latte or a boba, these candles have the power to spark new memories.

Two sisters, Brittany and Kristen, were motivated to craft candles with the flavours of Asian fragrances after noticing a shortage of them in the market. Both the sisters have created candles that resemble some of their most-liked Asian desserts. Their popular products include Matcha Latte, Boba, and Mango Pudding.

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Yute- Empowering the Youth of Today Through Apparels

Do you know there’s a platform that’s exclusively created for youth and that too, by the youth in order to generate opportunities and inspiration for the younger generation of today? If not, then you can’t miss Yute.

Yute is a dynamic platform for youth founded by Christina Cheng and her son, Elijah Cheng-Harbans, that creates chances and inspiration for the next generation. Their mission is to enable young people to create innovative experiences that will allow them to affect their communities while also developing a brand that wonderfully reflects their culture, preferences, beliefs, and stories. Yute is a company that creates future-proof essentials, with a portion of the revenues going to youth-oriented events, organizations, programs, and projects.

Founded by Christina Cheng and her son, Elijah Cheng-Harbans, YUTE is a robust platform for youth, creating opportunities and inspiration for the young generation. Their goal is to empower young people in order to build revolutionary experiences where they can influence their communities while creating a brand that beautifully reflects their culture, tastes, values and stories. As a brand, Yute crafts long-lasting essentials, with a part of the proceeds being invested in youth-focused events or programs, organizations, and initiatives. 

YUTE isn’t just an apparel brand, their ideology is deeply rooted and motivated by philanthropy. They are also a creative agency making sure they seize opportunities and assist youngsters in a playful way, giving them the tools and watching them create magic.

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Fern & Petal – Taking the Exhaustion out of Your Body

Why not ditch those strongly scented artificial perfumes and start using something that’s made from nature, helping you unwind after a tiring and exhausting day? If you are looking forward to it, there’s no one better than the range of products from Fern & Petal.

Katie Derrick founded Fern & Petal after a long search for all-natural, high-quality, and locally-created items. It is a family-run small business that values quality above all else, which is why each product is created and bottled on-site in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their handcrafted bathing products are intended to ease stress and anxiety, allowing individuals to soothe their skin and rest after a long day.

Fern & Petal, launched by Katie Derrick, was born from the difficult search for all-natural, top-notch products that were locally made. Fern & Petal is a family-run small business that prioritizes quality over anything, and that is why every product is handcrafted and bottled on-site in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have two sets of goals:

1) to assist their customers to feel safe and protected knowing their products are made with the highest quality of ingredients and are all-natural; 

2) to help make this world a better place for human beings through sustainability as well as plant a tree with every order they receive

Fern & Petal’s handcrafted bathing products are designed to relieve stress and tension, helping people soothe their skin and relax after a tiring day. Their essential oils are available in a range of calming scents like clove, cedarwood, lemongrass, Indian sandalwood, tea tree, tangerine, etc. Some essential oils are packed on roll-on tubes, making them a nice alternative to strongly-scented perfumes.

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BAIN – Think Once, Think Twice, Think Bags!

Tired of using the same old bag and want a change from the typical-looking bags? Look no further than BAIN, crafting bags regardless of gender to level up the fashion game.

BAIN bags, founded by Linsey Mariam Bain, are made in small batches with textiles purchased from Canadian sources and include organic and overstock materials. BAIn bags are bold, basic, and elegant, making them ideal for carrying anyplace. The collection range was designed to fit the modern lifestyle, making it the perfect fashion statement for corporates and party animals.

BAIN bags are produced in small batches from fabrics sourced from suppliers in Canada and contain overstock and organic materials. BAIN bags, being bold, minimal, and sleek, are highly versatile enough to carry anywhere. The collection line was crafted to suit the contemporary lifestyle: corporate by day and party-animal by night. However, these bags represent more than just aesthetics. Organic fabrics and Oeko-Tex certified cotton are put to use in order to curb the need for pesticides. Raw materials such as Nappa leather are being sourced from surplus stocks at a local tannery. Every link in the supply chain is tracked and adjusted to curb waste and carbon footprint.

With more than a decade of experience making bags for a number of mass-market brands, Linsey Mariam Bain, a Montreal-based creative, decided to go her own way forward with the creation of BAIN in 2019. While working as an accessory designer, she learned a lot, travelled to factories in order to gain insight into customer expectations, and she has beautifully channelled this knowledge into the launch of unisex pieces that cater to all unique needs.

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Wabanaki Maple – A Beauty of the Wild!

Ever tasted a syrup that gave you a delicious taste, relieving you from all the day’s stress, ultimately transporting you to a place where peace exists? If not, then you definitely need to try the syrup products by Wabanaki Maple to get the exact same feeling as stated.

Wabanaki Maple is a 100 percent Indigenous women-led enterprise that was founded in 2018 in Tobique First Nation by Jolene Laskey. Their premium maple syrup is distinguished by a moderate maturing procedure and three distinct flavours: whiskey, toasted oak, and bourbon resulting in consistent, high-quality tastes that are then hand-bottled and packed at their facilities.

Wabanaki Maple, launched in the year 2018 in Tobique First Nation, is a 100 percent Indigenous women-led business. Jolene Laskey is the creative behind this brand. Their first-class maple syrup is characterized by a gentle maturation process and the three characteristic flavors of whiskey, toasted oak, and bourbon. 

Wabanaki Maple ages and totally transforms raw maple syrup in previously poured spirit casks and naturally toasted oak casks – a long process that sometimes takes several months. This accomplishes consistent and high-quality flavors, which are then hand-bottled and packaged at their facility.

In 2018, Jolene Laskey, inspired by her very own Wolastoqey roots, started her journey as an entrepreneur, reconnecting and sharing with community and people with a portion of Indigenous culture via products of Wabanaki Maple syrup. 

Since people of the Wabanaki Confederacy (Wolastoqey, Penobscot, Mikmaq, Passamaquody, and Abenaki) have wholeheartedly harvested the sugar maple tree’s sap for centuries, Laskey carries on the culture with an exceptional twist by offering signature flavors of cask-aged whiskey, toasted oak maple, and bourbon maple syrup. She is dedicated to protecting the environment and assisting indigenous communities in order to thrive efficiently. 

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Why a Haircut Made This Entrepreneur Decide to Become

Throughout times, people have worn their hair in a wide variety of styles, largely determined by the fashions of the culture they live in. Hairstyles are markers and signifiers of social class, age, marital status, racial identification, political beliefs, and attitudes about gender.

Some people may cover their hair totally or partially for cultural or religious reasons. Notable examples of head covering include women in Islam who wear the hijab, married women in Haredi Judaism who wear the sheitel, married Himba men who cover their hair except when in mourning, Tuareg men who wear a veil, and baptized men and women in Sikhism who wear the dastar.

The oldest known reproduction of hair braiding lies back about 30,000 years: the Venus of Willendorf, now known in academia as the Woman of Willendorf, of a female figurine from the Paleolithic, estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BCE. The Venus of Brassempouy counts about 25,000 years old and indisputably shows hairstyling.

In ancient civilizations, women’s hair was often elaborately and carefully dressed in special ways. Women coloured their hair, curled it, and pinned it up (ponytail) in a variety of ways. They set their hair in waves and curls using wet clay, which they dried in the sun and then combed out, or else by using a jelly made of quince seeds soaked in water, or curling tongs and curling irons of various kinds.

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Hummingbird Chocolate – Chocolate That’s a Cut above the Rest

Have you ever gobbled down a chocolate bar that’s perfectly balanced in terms of flavour? We are sure, you haven’t. You might have eaten tons of chocolate earlier, but we are sure you never came across Hummingbird Chocolate. They are created to give you that taste of chocolatey feeling to soothe your soul.

The Hummingbird Chocolates, launched by Erica Gilmour, are delicious and dark, and they are prepared with basic and natural ingredients. They set out to find the greatest representation of cocoa through the chocolate they produce. Whether it’s one of their award-winning single-source chocolate bars, Hello Hispaniola, a novel variation on a familiar flavor, their beloved caramels, or a seasonal special bar or confection, everything is created with precision, offering consumers the taste of pure chocolate in every mouthful.

Delicious and dark, the Hummingbird Chocolates are made from simple and pure ingredients. They challenge themselves to find the best expression of cocoa via the chocolate they manufacture. Whether it is one of their award-winning single-source chocolate bars, named Hello Hispaniola, a refreshing twist on a familiar taste, their coveted caramels, or their seasonal special bar or confection, all of them are made with perfection, giving people the taste of pure chocolate in every bite.

Erica Gilmour, the bean-to-bar chocolate maker is the President and Co-founder of Hummingbird Chocolate, residing in the small town of Almonte, Ontario. Erica’s love for eating chocolates and interest in helping farmers access markets ushered in the launching of Hummingbird Chocolate along with her husband, Drew. Hummingbird Chocolate since its inception in 2012, has won more than 85 international chocolate awards for its outstanding products, all of which are made from cacao beans. The cacao beans are directly sourced from farmers, farmed humanely and ethically, and grown sustainably.

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